[Marxism] A lurker on Sam Harris

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Sep 28 07:17:42 MDT 2012

Hi Louis,

I appreciated your post to Marxmail (I read the archives) about Sam 
Harris.  It actually reminded me of something I'd intended to e-mail you 
about a few years ago.

Harris is also associated with the skeptic movement which you rightly 
criticized a while back, particularly Shermer's Skeptics Society. 
Shermer's group is, of course, best known for publishing Skeptic 
magazine, the editorial board of which includes Napoleon Chagnon and 
Jared Diamond.

I'm afraid they're not the worst, though.  Something you overlooked in 
your original post is that the senior editor of Skeptic since its 
inception has been an infamous scientific racist, Frank Miele.  Ferris 
State's Institute for the Study of Academic Racism has a good dossier: 
http://www.ferris.edu/isar/bibliography/miele.htm.  His books include 
Intelligence, Race, and Genetics: Conversations with Arthur Jensen and 
Race: The Reality of Human Differences with Vincent Sarich (a defender 
of the multiregional hypothesis of human origins, described by fellow 
Berkely anthropologist Laura Nader as a racist).  He's received funding 
from the neo-eugenicist Pioneer Fund.

Miele also edits the Daily Inter Lake newspaper.  You can read his 
completely unhinged columns here: 

Astoundingly, none of this has drawn the attention, much less the ire, 
of anyone in the skeptic community.  There is one exception, Arizona 
State University biologist and science historian John Lynch: 

Sorry this wasn't more timely.  Still thought you might be interested.


Sam W.

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