[Marxism] Neil R. Smith, 1954 - 2012

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Neil R. Smith, 1954 - 2012

It is with incredible sorrow that I write to share the news that we lost 
Neil Smith in the early hours of this morning. He had been hospitalized 
on Wednesday afternoon with organ failures, and despite some moments of 
hope, could not  greet another day with us. Words cannot describe this 
sudden tragedy. Neil was larger than life, brilliant, an inspiration and 
loved by so many.

I will provide the CPCP community with further updates as they are 
available. You can still share your thoughts at 

With deepest regrets and many tears, Padmini


> Nature, Capital and the Production of Space
> New and updated edition with a new foreword by DAVID HARVEY
> -----------------------------
> “Smith provides a brilliant formulation of how the production of a particular kind of nature and space
> under historical capitalism is essential to the unequal development of a landscape that integrates
> poverty with wealth.”  – EDWARD SAID
> -----------------------------
> In UNEVEN DEVELOPMENT, a classic in its field, NEIL SMITH offers the first full theory of uneven
> geographical development, entwining theories of space and nature with a critique of capitalism.
> Featuring groundbreaking analyses of the production of nature and the politics of scale, Smith’s work
> anticipated many of the uneven contours that now mark neoliberal globalization.
> DAVID HARVEY’S new foreword highlights the increasingly uneven nature of the globalized economy, and
> notes that this inequality, along with accelerating levels of urbanisation and environmental
> degradation, have only accelerated since the book was first published. Smith’s analysis is thus more
> urgent and relevant than ever.
> While globalisation has not led to a weakening of state power in the political sphere, it is increasingly
> difficult to conceive of distinct state economies – for example by the 1980s the majority of trade
> across national borders took place within corporations. National and international organisations
> rival states in economic power – in 2007 Harvard University had more money in its bank account than the
> GDP of some 39 countries. Thus, Smith argues, the global system can increasingly be defined more in terms
> of geoeconomics than traditional geopolitics.
> In recognition of the dramatic changes in capitalism and its geography over the quarter century since this
> volume was written, Neil Smith has updated the text with a discussion of the current crisis of
> neoliberalism and the rise of geoeconomics.
> UNEVEN DEVELOPMENT is a radical attempt to reconstruct the politicalbasis of society, in order to produce
> a genuinely social geography by encouraging a revolutionary imaginary.
> ----------------------------------
> “A foundational text of great historical significance, constantly worthy of reappraisal…You will
> not be disappointed.” David Harvey
> “Smith attempts no less than the integration of nature and space in the Marxian theory of capitalist
> development … he improves the clarity even of the arguments made in disagreement with him. His book
> should be widely read, used, and discussed.’ –ENVIRONMENT AND PLANNING
> “UNEVEN DEVELOPMENT provides a theoretical discussion of immense range – from nature through space
> and the economy – whereby Neil Smith extends David Harvey’s Marxist conception of the geography of
> "One of the most important books of specifically geographical social theory to be written in the English
> language in the last thirty years." – Scott Prudham, author of KNOCK ON WOOD: NATURE AS COMMODITY IN
> ---------------------------------
> NEIL SMITH is Distinguished Professor of Anthropology and Geography at the City University of New York and
> Director of the Center for Place, Culture, and Politics. He is author or editor of nine books that explore
> the broad intersection between space, nature, social theory, and history and is co-organizer of the
> International Critical Geography Group. His website is http://neil-smith.net/

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