[Marxism] Maltese Falcon or Vulture?

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 1 07:04:28 MDT 2013

According to the article here it's clearly the latter.


On a very related note I had posted the below to a couple lists last week:

The Maltese Falcon and the Secret of Primitive Accumulation

News reports suggest that international bankers' haven Malta (and
Luxembourg and others) may be next after Cyprus.

Which reminded me of the account by the character Kasper Gutman of the
origins of the jewel-encrusted Maltese Falcon:

"The Knights of Rhodes "were rolling in wealth, sir... For years they had
preyed on the Saracens, had taken nobody knows what spoil of gems, precious
metals, silks, ivories -- the cream of the cream of the East. That is
history, sir. We all know that the Holy Wars to them, as to the Templars,
were largely a matter of loot..."

"And at the end of the tale of the falcon's having passed by means fair and
foul (mostly the latter) from hand to hand, when Sam Spade asks who it
belongs to now, Gutman replies: "Well, sir, you might say it belonged to
the King of Spain, but I don't see how you can honestly grant anybody else
clear title to it--except by right of possession... An article of that
value that has passed from hand to hand by such means is clearly the
property of whoever can get hold of it..."

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