[Marxism] Monthly Review recommends Maxmillian Forte to its readers

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Apr 1 07:05:30 MDT 2013

Up until now I have drawn a distinction between Monthly Review magazine 
and the American branch office of Qaddafi, al-Assad, Ahmadinejad Inc. 
otherwise known as MRZine, a publication that was originally intended to 
provide a platform for Marxist analysis by ordinary people--a sort of 
Marxist counterpart to the more broadly radical Counterpunch. As we all 
know MRZine is a shameful garbage dump that functions mostly as an 
aggregation of propaganda of the sort that can be found on the mad 
professor Michel Chossudovsky's Global Research.

In a visit to MRZine today to catch up on the latest talking points of 
the pro-Baathist left, I saw a link to the latest issue of Monthly 
Review, a prestigious journal that has been published since the Wallace 
campaign of 1948. There's a preview of article by Max Ajl that will 
appear online toward the end of the month:

The Fall of Libya
Max Ajl
Maximilian Forte, Slouching Towards Sirte (Montreal: Baraka Books, 
2012), 341 pages, $27.95, paperback.

Perhaps no war in recent memory has so thoroughly flummoxed the 
Euro-Atlantic left as the recent NATO war on Libya. Presaging what would 
occur as U.S. proxies carried out an assault on Syria, both a pro-war 
left and an anti-anti-war left [gave] endless explanations and tortuous 
justifications for why a small invasion, perhaps just a “no-fly-zone,” 
would be okay—so long as it didn’t grow into a larger intervention.


Let me perfectly blunt about this. Forte is a cheap propagandist.

One of his articles appeared on MRZine on April 20, 2011 titled "The War 
in Libya: Race, 'Humanitarianism,' and the Media" 
(http://mrzine.monthlyreview.org/2011/forte200411.html). It is a 
whitewash of Qaddafi's anti-immigrant policies, taking an "if Stalin 
only knew" approach to the attacks on immigrant workers that took place 
in 2000.

It gives credence to the idea that resistance to Qaddafi can be 
explained by internal enemies "trying to thwart his plans for Libya's 
deeper integration with the African continent." Part of that integration 
included all-out support for Idi Amin.

Now I happen to have a good friend on Marxmail who is from Uganda 
originally. He was there during Idi Amin's genocidal romp and managed to 
escape with his life as the village he was living in came under attack.

He wrote a letter to the editors of Monthly Review after MRZine began 
spewing its pro-Qaddafi bullshit. He did not receive a reply. I 
understand that Monthly Review enjoys quite a bit of prestige. It is an 
important institution of the American left that is read by socialists 
everywhere in the world. But to print a flattering review of Maxmillian 
Forte's bullshit is really quite appalling.

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