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Anthony Boynton anthony.boynton at gmail.com
Mon Apr 1 09:34:05 MDT 2013

In the wake of the SWP debacle in the UK, a minor thread has arisen on this
list about Morenoism. In one post Louis asked, “Why did Morenoism splinter
into so many pieces?”

And in another Louis answered his question with, “It’s their destiny.”
(They being Troskyists in Latin America.)

Probably no one will ever write a complete answer to this question, but the
essential answer has two parts:

The first part is that Nahuel Moreno and most of his followers in Argentina
thought that Argentina was the center of the world revolution, and that
world revolution was on the agenda at the end of the 1980’s.

In reality, capitalism was gaining a new lease on life as the
counterrevolution in the Soviet Union was completed and the world market
spread into Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union. Argentina’s crisis was
just a blip in the world situation which could be papered over without a
revolutionary crisis.

Moreno died just as the Soviet Union was about to disappear. His acolytes
would have embalmed him and put him on display in Buenos Aires if they had
been so unlucky as to have had state power. As it was they continued to
hang on his every word as religiously as any Stalinist or loyal Barnesite
ever did.

When it became apparent that revolution was not on the agenda in Argentina,
the acolytes began to fight. Most of the fighting had to do with personal
prestige and control of the party’s financial assets. The real fight was
not about principles, strategy, tactics, or ideas, but this was hidden from
party cadre and militants. The confusion of the “ideological battle” was
really because there were no principled issues or differences dividing the

This link gives anyone interested in this history a taste of what happened.


In the case of the PTS, its leaders did not develop any “principled issues”
to fight with the other Morenoists until years after the split had
shattered the MAS (Moviemiento al Socialismo).

Whether or not the PTS will hit some sort of glass ceiling as Louis
predicts, it is almost certain that it is a continuation of the internal
organization regime of the MAS despite the critique of Moreno it developed
after its split. That internal organization was full of intrigue and
jockeying for position among the party tops. It was also corrupt.

However, these elements were also present in every party that ever led a

IMHO, organizational structure is secondary, and destiny is either a
religious prejudice or a 1958 sci-fi novel.

Best, Anthony

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