[Marxism] (about PTS) Argentina: PTS statement against CFK government’s McCarthyism,

Juan Andres Gallardo juanagallardo at gmail.com
Mon Apr 1 12:06:51 MDT 2013

Louis, I’m sending some comments about your last email. First of all, our
party is not Morenist. A few comrades of PTS’s leadership come from PST and
MAS, but our split in the late 80s was not only with MAS but also wit the
Morenist tendency. If you are interested in, you can see in the link below
and old article (we published it in 1993) on this subject: Polemic with the
LIT/IWL and the theoretical legacy of Nahuel Moreno


We have no relationship with Petroni; he only shared a brief period with us
during the MAS split. I’m sending these comments to avoid any confusion.

About Dave’s comments on the influence of Peronism and Kirchenrism within
the working class, and the possibilities of the left; that is exactly the
subject of the article I’d sent before. I’m sending the link again just in
case. PTS (Argentina): "Argentina: Kirchnerism begins to lose its grip on
the workers’ movement"

Regards, Juan

PS: Dave, as Juan Fajardo has mentioned, I was at the Holt Labor Library
last February.
 El 31/03/2013 10:37, "Louis Proyect" <lnp3 at panix.com> escribió:

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> On 3/31/13 9:08 AM, Juan Andres Gallardo wrote:
>> Hi Dave and Louis,
>> You know, it’s been more than 20 years since the MAS split. And if you
>> take
>> a look, you will see that most of tose groups don’t real exist today or
>> they remain as tiny organizations.
>> On the ohter hand, PTS is one of the two majors left organizations in
>> Argentina, and we have developed with much efforts a class-struggle
>> politics within industrial districts like the Northern industrial district
>> in Buenos Aires (food industry, graphic industry, among others). Here you
>> will see some videos on the last national strike in Argentina, november
>> 20th: http://www.tvpts.tv/20N-El-**PTS-para-y-se-moviliza<http://www.tvpts.tv/20N-El-PTS-para-y-se-moviliza>
>> .
> I am quite familiar with the Morenoite current. Juan Carlos Coral, the
> presidential candidate of your party, stayed at my home in Houston in 1972.
> We used to check my Dodge Dart for bombs before going anywhere.
> We also had Carlos Petroni on this mailing list about a decade ago. He
> used to have really nasty debates with Nestor Gorojovsky who unsubbed
> because he could not stand to see Qaddafi and al-Assad criticized.
> In my view all groups like the PTS eventually hit a glass ceiling because
> of their built-in limitations. They require new members to become
> indoctrinated in a catechism that first of all puts them at odds with the
> "petty bourgeois" elements that have not arrived at the party's elevated
> wisdom. Also, the party has a brittle nature since there will always be
> "petty bourgeois" elements in the party who are susceptible to alien class
> influences. Hence the MAS splitting into 20 different groups.
> I see that the leader of the PST was born in 1967, the year I joined the
> American SWP. About 15 years ago I visited a chap named Scott McLemee in
> Washington, DC who I was friends with at the time. I accompanied him to the
> Smithsonian Research Library where he picked up a copy of Robert
> Alexander's book on Trotskyism in Latin America. He shook his head with a
> sad expression on his face and said that it broke his heart to see so many
> groups either splitting or dissolving. I told him that's their destiny.
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