[Marxism] Have Islamists Hijacked Syria’s Democratic Revolution?

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Mon Apr 1 13:54:40 MDT 2013


Have Islamists Hijacked Syria’s Democratic Revolution?

by Pham Binh on April 1, 2013

As the Syrian revolution progresses, support for it abroad among 
Marxists recedes.

The Alliance for Workers Liberty (AWL) is not alone in trading its 
support for the revolution for “a plague on both your houses” 
neutrality. The Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI) made an 
almost identical shift, albeit theirs seems to be based on smears and 
falsehoods about the Free Syrian Army (FSA) rather than an all-sided 
assessment of the contradictions of the Syrian opposition. Although 
neither group is terribly influential, the essentials of the narrative 
both have adopted about Syria is the predominant one among progressives 
in the West thanks to outlets like The Nation, Counterpunch, Dissident 
Voice, MRZine Online, Mondoweiss, Global Research, Black Agenda Report, 
Jacobin, among many others.
 From Self-Defense to Jihad?

The shift to the right among Marxists parallels the evolution of 
petty-bourgeois Arab intellectuals such as Jadiliya who supported 
Syria’s peaceful demonstrators but recoiled in fear when these same 
demonstrators grew tired of being cut down by machine gun fire and took 
up arms to defend themselves. If the revolution’s unavoidable 
militarization repelled these intellectuals, the militarized 
revolution’s “Islamization” repelled Marxists like AWL, CWI, and As’ad 
AbuKhalil, the Angry (but not intelligent) Arab.

Underlying these shifts is the question of method.


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