[Marxism] Have Islamists Hijacked Syrias Democratic Revolution?

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Apr 1 16:14:32 MDT 2013

On 4/1/13 5:59 PM, Jeff wrote:
> Or when the sectarian war erupted in post-invasion Iraq, I don't remember
> any leftists dissecting the parties' religious views in their analyses and
> shifting support accordingly.

It is worth recalling that the "anti-imperialist" left had multiple 
orgasms over Sunni fighters sticking it to the man in Fallujah and 
elsewhere. But when it was revealed during the early months of the 
revolution against Qaddafi that a rebel commander fought against the US 
in Iraq and that the largest number of "foreign fighters" came from 
Libya, that same "anti-imperialist" left turned on a dime and began 
writing dark prognostications about sharia law being implemented and 
Beaujolais and the Beatles being banned. It was if Christopher Hitchens 
had risen from the grave and begun ghostwriting all that Islamophobic 
crap in the Guardian, the Nation, MRZine, Jacobin, et al.

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