[Marxism] Marxism 2013, Australia

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Mon Apr 1 21:13:53 MDT 2013

Report on conference by Socialist Alternative

"Part of the reason for the overwhelming success of the conference was the
ongoing unity discussions between three of Australia’s Marxist
organisations. While the conference is hosted by Socialist Alternative,
this year the Revolutionary Socialist Party, Socialist Alliance and *Green
Left Weekly* all supported the event and provided speakers.

"The conference took place in the wake of the official merger of Socialist
Alternative and the Revolutionary Socialist Party – which last week held a
party congress and unanimously voted to dissolve the RSP and join SA. Kim
Bullimore announced the merger in the opening night plenary session. Also
speaking on opening night was Peter Boyle, national convenor of the
Socialist Alliance, which is also in unity discussions with Socialist

GLW TV POV grabs from conference participants

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