[Marxism] Geoengineering

Shane Hopkinson swhopkinson at gmail.com
Tue Apr 2 07:03:58 MDT 2013


Just wondering if comrades had any good critiques of the concept of
geoengineering as a 'solution' to climate change.

I first heard about these through the leading Australian environmentalist
Tim Flannery who proposed that we should pump sulphur into the atmosphere.
I thought it was pretty crazy but it seems like there are number of these
high tech schemes out there being proposed.

My gut feeling is that this is crazy! I mean we are in effect
geo-engineering the climate and one of the side-effects is heating the
planet. On reflection I realise that its the classic capitalist technofix
(no need to reduce emissions just engineer a solution) - and like all
supposedly "technical" solutions the politics is embedded (exactly who is
doing this engineering and in whose interest).

Anyrate thought comrades might have something to hand.



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