[Marxism] Geoengineering

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Tue Apr 2 10:31:49 MDT 2013

Thanks, Hans, for the Hamilton stuff.

It's sort of/kind of scary to think about in terms of a 'what if' scenario
and they, say, kill the oceans. We all die of slow suffocation as the
oxygen we use isn't reproduced anymore in the seas. Or they bring on a new
ice age or something.

But, we are talking about a semi-irrational Imperialist ruling class that
is in short-term speculative gain mode and not into saving the planet. So
while there are forces out there in hidden think tanks figuring out ways to
save the world, the actual direction that we are being taken is in the
quite realizable extinction of our species through climate change. And
changing the climate through doing things the way they are done now is
where the money's at.

The American popular technology press, Popular Mechanics and Popular
Science, often ran many of these schemes as front page articles. They've
been doing this for decades. Probably some of them are being taken off the
shelf as we speak.


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