[Marxism] Realignment

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Apr 3 06:35:37 MDT 2013

Richard Seymour proposes: "a realignment of the forces of the 
revolutionary left, which are hardly in an optimal state of 
organisation. There is no historical or conjunctural need for the 57 
varieties of revolutionary socialism to be distributed in twice as many 
sects, groupuscules and minorities of one. But to unite them in an 
effective organisation has never been a simple matter of stitching 
together the existing fragments. They are too committed to their 
trademarked orthodoxies, their turf, their routines, their hierarchies 
and their internal cultures. Any serious new party or formation would 
have to be heterogenous, open to heterodoxy and far less 
bureaucratically centralised than the existing revolutionary sects. 
Realignment requires the old fragments to be shaken up and, in a sense, 
radicalised: this is the potentially productive aspect of the crisis."


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