[Marxism] Fwd: please remove copyrighted article from your site ASAP

Dan Weiner dcwein at dcwein.cnc.net
Wed Apr 3 07:07:56 MDT 2013

You wrote:

These fucking morons don't understand that the 10,000 or so people who read
the "pirated" Terry Eagleton review of a new bio of Karl Marx that was put
on the Marxism list website might deduce that the magazine might be worth
subscribing to.

Obviously they don't want thinking subscribers--lol.

Wait, it's capitalism, they don't give a royal damn if we think or not, they
just want profits.

My profound thought for the day.

But obviously they haven't learned the old politicians trick of getting
their name out as widely as possible.

Go figure.

I swear, some day when, assuming we have not committed collective suicide by
irreparably screwing up the environment or with nuclear war, our descendants
living in a socialist society will have a museum dedicated to the follies
that the capitalist system wrought..

Dan W.


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