[Marxism] Alan Furst novel adapted for cable TV

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Wed Apr 3 08:01:45 MDT 2013

I'll check it out. I saw a few trailers for it. I was underwhelmed by "The
Americans". The actors, Americans, who play Russians playing Americans as
sleeper agents simply were too boring for me. And the plot is predictable.
And it's about the 80's which, along with the music and politics, I just as
soon forget.

I did finish watching the season finale of Justified. A spectacularly well
directed, written and *cast* show about a US Marshal from Harlan County,
Ky, working out of the Louiseville office. Played by the excellent B-list
actor, Timonthy Oliphant (late of Deadwood fame), plays opposite his
alter-ego ex-coal miner buddy, Boyd Crowder, played by Walters Goggins
(late of The Shield) and acts as the main criminal focal point of the show.
The Crowder character reflects the same rural-proletarian background of the
main protagonist played by Oliphant, Raylon Givens. The history of both the
Crowder and Givens family reflects both families criminal lineage going
back generations, played out now between the
criminal-for-life-ex-white-supremist Crowder vs the
one-step-removed-from-going-postal-criminal-background of the U.S. Marshal,
Raylan Givens.

The show simply doesn't hold back (much like Deadwood), shows the grinding
poverty and Oxycontin induced alienation of working class life in eastern
Kentucky, corruption, racism, etc. Watch in on Netflix to see it from the

PS...sorry about hijacking the thread.

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