[Marxism] FB message sent to Ellen Rosenbush, Harper's editor

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Apr 3 09:07:50 MDT 2013

I had to pay $1 for her to get the message, adding injury to insult. 
There is an email address letters at harpers.org but I wanted to make sure 
she got it.


Ellen, you people are fucking idiots. Your webmaster just threatened me 
about putting up Terry Eagleton's review of a Karl Marx bio that the 
publisher sent to me (unrequested) for review. I imagine that 10,000 
people will have read Eagleton's piece who know about as much about 
Harper's as they do about the man in the moon. I understand that you are 
rich boy John R. Macarthur's hireling and will lose your job just like 
Roger Hodge if you rock the boat, but you really have to understand that 
you alienated me as someone who has subbed to Harper's since the early 
80s and has written many email recommendations of Harpers articles to my 
1500 subscribers.

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