[Marxism] An Interview With Matthijs Krul

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 3 11:52:47 MDT 2013

My, my, how cute and clever, Angelo.

But if I can leave the playpen for a moment, you say there is "No other way
[except my unreconstructed Cannonism] to explain the sorting of abstract
theories into "proletarian" and "middle-class."

Well actually there's a very simple way, one I've had hundreds of chances
to experience since OWS started.

It involves sorting out who, in a discussion, whether in a planning or mass
meeting or in a publication, is for nationalizing the banks, and who's for
creating an "alternative" bank alongside them.

It involves sorting out who believes capital exploits labor, and who
instead believes every phenomenon is explainable as a product of "debt"
(like some right now in Strike Debt who are fitting the entire history of
slavery into that procrustean bed of a concept).

It involves who is for helping the most conscious workers forge a
revolutionary and democratic party, and who insists that everybody should
just do their own thing and that only bad, tyrannical people like parties.

If you're on the latter half of each of those sortings out, then you're a
partisan (pun intended) of petty bourgeois theories.

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