[Marxism] An Interview With Matthijs Krul

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Wed Apr 3 12:03:36 MDT 2013

Don't be a snide little jerk.

Obviously the working class isn't demanding any of those things.
The question is whether you want to educate, agitate and organize to help
them see that they're possible and desirable -- or whether you'd rather let
the anarchists be the sole voice heard, and have their apolitical, "99%"
memes live on.

I suppose you also have no objection to the union bureaucracies'
inculcation for decades of the concept of "middle class," to the point
where that's the dominant meme in almost every strike?

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> So, Andy, what you're saying is that the vast proletariat of the United
> States, or at least a hefty majority thereof, is for nationalizing the
> banks?  Is of the opinion that capital exploits labor?  Is for the
> formation of a revolutionary party?
> Wow, that *is* impressive!  With such overwhelming proletarian support for
> such positions, I guess you're justified in calling them "proletarian"
> positions!
> My only question is: that being the case, why hasn't this totally awesome
> proletariat made a revolution yet, seeing as it adheres to these totally
> awesome proletarian positions?
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