[Marxism] Totally awesome proletarian positions

Carlos Morreo carlosmorreo at gmail.com
Wed Apr 3 12:50:10 MDT 2013


I am sympathetic to what I suspect is a totally awesome argument, and I do like the meme, but what is the argument exactly?!

Is it that given that these "totally awesome proletarian positions" are not held by workers, upholding them cannot be what defines "proletarian theory" --a synonym I take it for a correct understanding/politics of marxist theory-- and, perhaps, that these readily identifiable proletarian positions instead correspond to some kind of cultish "Worldview Marxism" that fails to grasp the implications of Marx's theory of value, etc., etc.


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Angelus Novus wrote:

So, Andy, what you're saying is that the vast proletariat of the United States, or at least a hefty majority thereof, is for nationalizing the banks?  Is of the opinion that capital exploits labor?  Is for the formation of a revolutionary party?

Wow, that *is* impressive!  With such overwhelming proletarian support for such positions, I guess you're justified in calling them "proletarian" positions!

My only question is: that being the case, why hasn't this totally awesome proletariat made a revolution yet, seeing as it adheres to these totally awesome proletarian positions?

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