[Marxism] Totally awesome proletarian positions

Angelus Novus fuerdenkommunismus at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 3 13:58:59 MDT 2013

Carlos, I think the whole concept of "proletarian theory" needs to be jettisoned, it's a mystical belief that a correct insight into capitalism's functioning and the necessary path(s) to overcoming capitalism arise from one's class position.

In most industrialized countries, wage-dependent workers are the vast numerical majority of society.  We are talking about billions of people with widely divergent views concerning all sorts of political, social, and cultural questions.  It becomes an absurdity to try to define a position as "the" position of "the class."

I also agree with Lou about the poisonous effect this sort of thing has on discussions within socialist organizations.  Of course the delightful irony is that the "petit-bourgeois" side of that particular split went on to do some of the most intelligent, sustained work within the organized union movement (first Shachtman's Workers Party, and then Hal Draper's International Socialists) as well theorizing autonomous working class struggles outside and against union structures (CLR James, Marty Glaberman, and the "Johnson-Forest Tendency" in general).  

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