[Marxism] Heinrich on Marx's Crisis Theory

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Apr 3 15:14:23 MDT 2013

On 4/3/13 4:56 PM, james pitman wrote:
> This is just feeding into my procrastinations, which are invading my essay
> writing, but it's interesting how much these two schools agree on whilst
> fundamentally disagreeing elsewhere. I see Carchedi as a possible bridge
> between Heinrich and Kliman actually.

I often wonder what bearing all this Marxist economics has to most 
nations. My wife has been working on a article about "Kirchnerism" and 
asked me whether the term Keynesianism can be applied to Argentina's 
recent state policies. Without giving it much thought, I said that 
Keynesianism and Marxist economic policy that overlaps with Keynes 
(Carchedi in particular) tends to be based on the business cycle 
paradigm that can be found in V. 2 of Capital, with deficit spending 
functioning as a remedy during a downturn.

But I added that in Argentina you don't quite have the same thing as you 
do in an advanced industrialized country. With an economy based on 
agro-exports, what does it mean to have an over-accumulation of capital? 
Too much hay or milking machines?

It is even more obvious when you are dealing with someplace like Bolivia 
or Ecuador. These countries are in a permanent slump and no amount of 
deficit spending will make a difference.

The debates over FROP, the Okishio theorem, etc. that take place on 
Jerry Levy's mailing list (https://lists.csuchico.edu/pipermail/ope/) 
have a rather rarefied character in my view.

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