[Marxism] Argentine: Floods in Buenos Aires. 48 fatalities: ‘A new social crime against the people’

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Floods in Buenos Aires: 48 fatalities: ‘A new social crime against the

(PTS, April 3, 2013) Christian Castillo, national leader of the PTS
(Partido de Trabajadores Socialistas), made a statement after floods caused
chaos in parts of Buenos Aires City and Buenos Aires province. The southern
cities of Tolosa and La Plata have been inundated after more than 30mm of
rain fell within a 20-hour period. Castillo said: “This is a new social
crime against working people and the poor. As a result of the torrential
rain there have been 48 fatalities reported, dozens of people are missing
and hundreds of thousands have lost their belongings. This is a crime:
these deaths were avoidable. Severe weather was forecast and heavy rain was
expected. However, nothing was done to prevent its harmful effects because
the government had not invested in much-needed and urgent works to
alleviate the collapse of structured in the areas affected. As the PTS and
the Left Front (Frente de Izquierda) have said in the past, in ten years of
record economic growth no infrastructure to serve the needs of working
people has been built. This explains why the poor sectors of the population
are the victims of this disaster. Meanwhile, the government has paid out
thousands of millions of dollars of foreign debt and there are still many
entrepreneurs making huge profits and tens of thousands of government
officers receiving wages that are ten times higher than any worker.”

Workers on the Buenos Aires underground system have gone on strike after a
Line B worker died as a result of the flooding. Castillo said: “Subway
workers, led by the workers of line B, voted in an mass meeting to stop
services in protest at the death of one of their colleagues, who was
electrocuted due to the appalling working conditions imposssed by the
company Metrovías and the national and local government. Our comrade
Claudio Dellecarbonara said: “We will fight for the politicians and bosses
responsible for this crime to be punished.”

Finally, Castillo said: “We are not surprised by the inadequate response
given by the national, city and provincial government; they are responsible
for this situation. The chaos could have been avoided had they invested in
works and maintenance and had they not privatised the electricity supply
industry and the underground railway.” He added: “It is touching to see the
extent to which relatives, neighbours and friends of the victims are
helping out in the hope of mitigating the disaster. Tens of thousands of
families are left with nothing. Workers, trade unions and students in
schools and colleges should organise a solidarity network to provide
assistance to the victims. Workers who are forced to take time off work
because of flooding should not have their wages docked. National,
provincial and city government should compensate those families affected by
setting up a special tax on the big capital and bankers.

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