[Marxism] AFL-CIO NOW Blog Comment: Harry Kelber, Labor Activist and Critic, Dies at 98

jeremy at infowells.com jeremy at infowells.com
Wed Apr 3 17:18:53 MDT 2013

    The following comment was made on the AFL-CIO Now Blog obituary:
Harry Kelber, Labor Activist and Critic, Dies at 98"

"Kelber was also an educator and academic, with a Ph.D. in American civilization from New York University; he taught at several colleges."  Link to the article to read more details about Kelber. 

Here is my comment:

                                  "...Kelber had announced he planned to run for the AFL-CIO presidency at the federation’s upcoming September convention."
    "Harry Kelber... was never shy about criticizing the union movement’s leadership..."

    What were Harry Kelber's criticisms of the "union movement's leadership" that, despite his advanced age of 98,  made Kelber want to run for the AFL-CIO presidency?

    Why wasn't Harry Kelber's views ever posted on this AFL-CIO NOW Blog prior to this death notice?

Will the AFL-CIO NOW Blog seek out and post the critical views of other trade unionists who may now want to run for the AFL-CIO Presidency and leadership positions at the September convention?

Will any voices critical of the "leadership" of President Trumka even be allowed to post and propagate their views on the AFL-CIO NOW Blog? 

Critical views should be posted on the AFL-CIO NOW Blog and widely discussed prior to the September AFL-CIO convention. This discussion must be promoted especially among "rank-and-file" union members,  potential convention delegates and possible candidates for electing a new AFL-CIO national leadership. 

The continuation of another four years of Richard Trumka's "leadership" will mean the further decline of the trade union movement. The membership of the AFL-CIO  declined by 400,000 in 2012. This continues the decades long decline in the percentage of organized workers to the total population of workers. 

Despite the on-going massive ideological attacks upon the trade union movement in national mass media, the AFL-CIO has not attempted to produce, sponsor or demand a nightly television program on PBS to fight back this anti-labor political indoctrination. There is not a single national television program on PBS that presents current affairs and economic news from a working class perspective. 

Another four years of AFL-CIO President Trumka will be as disastrous as another four years of  U.S. President Obama. Neither Presidents Trumka nor Obama, neither Democratic nor Republican parties, fight back for the economic justice or the economic betterment of working people. 


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