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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Apr 5 12:43:42 MDT 2013

On 4/5/13 2:36 PM, Robert Weiss wrote:
> Are you saying that all Jews from Muslim lands left their dancings and
> singings and happy lives for degraded misery in Israel, fooled by the
> manipulations of evil Zionists, or is this one anecdote?


>  Not a single
> case of hostility from Muslims influenced them?  I don't have time at
> the moment to look things up, but I believe Egyptian Jews were stripped
> of their citizenship and expelled by government action.  There were
> deadly riots in Baghdad early in the 1940s.  (Yes, I know there were a
> couple of Mossad black-flag bombs years later.  One demolished a door.
>   The horror!)  Also, some non-Jews left Israel, or what became Israel,
> under pressure from their leaders.  Many of those from Haifa, for example.

1940? Try 1840. In fact, if you want to get the scoop on how Moslems 
(Ottomans specifically) treated Jews, read Marc Mazower's book. From the 
Guardian review:

The topical allegories of his tale are all too obvious. For five 
centuries Salonica was ruled by an empire, under the Islamic sultans in 
Constantinople, but it was generally inhabited by people of three 
religious faiths - Muslims, Christians and Jews. For the most part they 
lived peaceably. Every kind of calamity threatened them, all the 
dynastic and imperialist passions of the times swirled about them, but 
on the whole, while the power of the empire held, religious tolerance 
prevailed. Minarets replaced Byzantine church towers on Salonica's 
famous skyline, some churches became mosques, but in general the 
apparatus of Orthodox Christianity was left intact, and Judaism thrived.

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