[Marxism] Awesome Proletarian Positions

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Apr 5 17:23:34 MDT 2013

On 4/5/13 7:15 PM, Richard Fidler wrote:
> Except that you based your whole position on "proletarian" vs.
> "petty-bourgeois" positions on that debate. So, when called on it, you
> change the subject....

This is utterly preposterous. You quote me as if I was staking out a 
position on the debate when my real purpose was to get past sterile 

When I joined the SWP in 1967 all we were told was that the party had to 
keep fighting against "petty bourgeois oppositions". After the split 
with Shachtman, the next challenge to the proletarian party were workers 
who had become embourgeoisified--the Cochranite opposition.

I got a kick out of Sol Dollinger's reaction to this in an email to me 
after he joined Marxmail:

Three decades later, I am amused by the explanations made by Frank 
Lovell that you heard as a new member of the SWP. He contended that the 
members of the auto faction had become embourgeoisified by high wages in 
the industry. My position as a Chevrolet worker is not much different 
than other autoworker members of the party. We rented in Flint and when 
I quit after seven years my wages were under five thousand dollars a 
year. When Genora’s father died of a heart attack in front of the Buick 
gate where he worked as a janitor, he left his four children $700 each. 
Genora rushed out to make a down payment on a house with a $3800 dollar 
mortgage with monthly payments of $35.

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