[Marxism] Awesome Proletarian Positions

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Apr 5 17:46:22 MDT 2013

On 4/5/13 7:40 PM, turbulo at aol.com wrote:
> Is this you?
> Jim Creegan
> Biography
> Jim Creegan was chairman of the Penn State chapter of Students for a
> Democratic Society (SDS) in the 1960s, lectured in philosophy in the
> 70s, belonged to the Spartacist League in the 80s, was a leading member
> of the International Bolshevik Tendency and a union shop steward during
> the late 80s and 90s. He lives in New York City, now unaffiliated but
> unresigned.
> --
> Yes, this is me! How many people of my name do you think inhabit the Marxist left?
> You have also noticed that my views are not entirely discontinuous. Some of your views
> (e.g. regarding Cuba abd Castro) also "make sense" in light of your political past. But, instead
> of trying to reduce me to my own past, how about attempting to answer some of
> the arguments I make, including my claim that your rendering of the 1940 fight in
> the SWP contains certain factual inaccuracies?

It is a waste of time for me to argue with someone who spent a decade or 
so in the Spartacist League and the International Bolshevik Tendency. I 
congratulate you that you are no longer a member but I am afraid that 
your take on the Cannon-Shachtman fight is straight out of the 
Spartacist League canon.

Just to put this into some kind of context, I regard CLR James as the 
greatest Marxist thinker to come out of the Trotskyist movement after 
Trotsky's death.

James went with Shachtman so what does that say?

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