[Marxism] Awesome Proletarian Positions

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Sat Apr 6 12:03:22 MDT 2013

Regarding the question of petty bourgeois v. proletatian consciousness, I offer the following from Kautsky (quoted by Lenin somewhere; exactly
where I forget):

"As an isolated individual, the proletarian is a nonentity. His strength, his progress, his hopes and expectations are entirely derived from organisation, from systematic action in conjunction with his fellows. He feels himself big and strong when he is part of a big and strong organism. The organism is the main thing for him; the individual by comparison means very little. The proletarian fights with the utmost devotion as part of the anonymous mass, without prospect of personal advantage or personal glory, performing his duty in any post assigned to him, with a voluntary discipline which pervades all his feelings and thoughts.
"Quite different is the case of the intellectual. He fights not by means of power, but by argument. His weapons are his personal knowledge, his personal ability and his personal convictions. He can attain a position only through his personal abilities. Hence the freest play for these seems to him the prime condition for success. It is only with difficulty that he submits to serving as a part which is subordinate to the whole, and then only from necessity, not from inclination. He recognises the need of discipline only for the masses, not for the select few. And naturally he counts himself among the latter." (The Workers and the Intellectuals, Die Neue Zeit, 1903, reproduced in the Kautsky Internet Archive) 

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