[Marxism] NPR's rancid reporting on long-term disabiiity

Joshua Fiero trinkle.trinkle at gmail.com
Sat Apr 6 16:28:07 MDT 2013

Thank you for posting the article, Louis. I am ordinarily just a lurker
here, but feel compelled to reply on this topic, as I worked for a brief
time at a law firm of the type the Planet Money story trashed, one which
specialized in getting folks on disability. That was more than enough life
experience for me to recognize the story, when I read a transcript a couple
of weeks ago, as mendacious garbage. Nearly every last one of the people we
represented deserved, by any reasonable criteria, the benefits they sought.
The guy who ran my firm was a Republican and a fairly cold-hearted and
business-minded sort, who saw most of his client base with inartfully
concealed contempt, but he, at least, recognized the various schemes to gut
and subsequently privatize Social Security for what they are: Cons. Takes
one to know one, as they say. At least his "con" helped some people bear up
under their lives of grinding poverty with a (very) little more dignity.
The liberal scumbags who put this trash on the air have no such excuse or
mitigation to offer for their hypocrisy.

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