[Marxism] Shachtmanites during WWII

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Sun Apr 7 09:32:56 MDT 2013

"Comrades can check out for themselves what kind of issues their newspaper
was covering after the split with Cannon:"


"Mostly there's nothing but the table of contents for each issue but there
are some articles as well..."

Um...this will confuse people, Louis. EVERY issue is there to download and
view as a PDF. Each volume and issue number is linked to such a PDF. The
table of contents are indeed listed (fascinating to pursue by themselves)
and what articles are listed in the 1940/41 period were HTMLed as
*individual* articles for quick reading. Usually so we can build up the
writers archives and link to them in other parts of the MIA.

So one can read the entire 19 year history of the WP/ISL by reading through
Labor Action in this way. As they can with The Militant as well.


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