[Marxism] Petty Bourgeois Left (was: Awesome Proletarian Positions) (Long)

Angelus Novus fuerdenkommunismus at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 7 13:34:12 MDT 2013

Andy wrote:

> The quote also applies to workers' consciousness based just on their
> workplace experience. 

Except the skilled trades worker in a workplace in Kaiserreich Germany is vastly different to the mass worker in a post-war factory during the era of high Fordism, and even further different in turn from the decentralized, atomized worker of post-Fordist lean production workplaces, etc.

It's amazing to me that anyone thinks there's anything useful to be obtained from a quote this broad concerning "the workplace" as some abstract entity.

The backbone of the German council movement in 1918 were skilled machinists.  Ironically, in present-day Germany, highly-skilled machine workers in the export sector, and their unions, tend to be the most reactionary layer of the working class here, totally uncritically supportive of Germany's neo-mercantile export strategy.  The IG Metall wouldn't even support the Umfairteilen campaign around income inequality supported by service sector unions like ver.di.

So much for generalized statements about "the workplace" and its effects upon consciousness.

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