[Marxism] Law school is a sham - Salon.com(What about "saving the world"?)

Jon Flanders jonathan.flanders at verizon.net
Sun Apr 7 14:15:47 MDT 2013

Law schools force-feed their ‘lawyers save the world’ nonsense to the
proto-lawyers, filling their heads with musty tales of Brown v Board of
Ed. That’s because law schools are well aware of the likely effect of
such indoctrination: Greasing the rails to the killing floor. If a kid
can tell himself he’s going to “change the world” – as opposed to, say,
“make a lot of money and feel like a big deal” – then he’ll line up that
extra bit more smugly for the $160k/year that makes his eyes roll up
into his head and a little string of drool form at the corner of his

It’s simple: If you can tell yourself you’re doing it for the good of
humankind, you won’t feel so guilty selling out in the most soulless,
stereotypical way imaginable.

You know the vast majority of law students will end up deeply in debt
and unemployed. We all know that. But before that happens, the sorry
little shlemiels honest-to-god tell themselves they’re going to save the

The problem is lawyers very seldom do change the world, at least for the
better. The bulk of significant positive change that the world
experiences at any given moment – surprise! – doesn’t derive from the
actions of lawyers. It derives from the actions of non-lawyers, or, at
very least, lawyers acting in non-lawyer-y ways....full:


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