[Marxism] Thatcher: there was no alternative

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This is an excellent refutation of the personalizing of hatred towards
capitalism in its neoliberal phase. Certainly Thatcher - or Reagan, or any
of the other bastards that have followed them will not be missed or mourned
by any decent-minded person, good riddance to them!, but if they had never
been born, these policies of a ruling social class would have been proposed
and implemented by others. People like to put names and faces to
abstractions like class, nationality, gender so as to express their strong
hatred ("rot in hell") or support for those class policies. We saw some of
this with the treatment of Chavez's death. He was certainly a noble,
heroic, and far-sighted figure, but he was the personification and voice of
a layer of society - one that we are in full solidarity with - as opposed
to Thatcher and Reagan who articulated the problems and voiced the
solutions of a class that they represented - one that we are irreconcilably
opposed to. This what we tell people during election campaigns - that
either Obama or Romney, Clinton or Bush - the policies are basically the
same because both parties serve the same class. This is why the Marxist
movement has always been opposed to acts of individual terrorism - the
enemy is not an individual leader or a building - it's a particular social
class with policies that advance their 1% interests at the expense of those
of the majority.

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