[Marxism] She should rot in hell

Anthony Hartin anthony.hartin at desy.de
Tue Apr 9 13:27:09 MDT 2013

 > Manuel Barrera wrote:
 > There is tremendous, but too far displaced, anger toward Thatcher; a 
hateful royal without any of the pedigree. No one deserves to die in the 
kind of indignity that she
 > facilitated on others during her rein as Britain's mastermind of 
austerity, including she. It is beneath the revolutionary Marxists here 
to dance on graves for no meaningful
 > political outcome. It dishonors those fighting for a decent 
healthcare system in the U.S. and those defending the ongoing assault 
against the British DHS.

I think this misses the point that the excellent article by Glen 
Greenwald on the misapplied death etiquette made. Private grief and 
"respect" for Thatcher's death are for her immediate family. For the 
rest of us Thatchers death is a magnifying glass through which the class 
struggle is writ large. I rather wish there were many more thousands out 
on the streets "dancing on her grave" - that would give me more hope of 
a fightback against the present crisis she played such a large part in 

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