[Marxism] She should rot in hell

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 9 14:57:37 MDT 2013

With all respect Manuel, you've got it exactly wrong here.  I repeat it is
essential to publicly celebrate the death of this woman. The crowds that
gathered on the Falls Road, in Liverpool and in Brixton were signalling
clearly to the powers that be and all that cooperate with them undying
hatred for what they stand for.  Look at the reaction of the powerful to
the celebrations.  Look at what Martin McGuinness said.  He as a sell out
was alarmed at the celebrations.  They should hve doubled on that account.

Every firecracker, every balloon every glass of champagne, and every tweet
hurt the powerful, because they deny that Big Brother is loved, and of
course Big Brother needs to spread the lie that he is loved.  In the
carnival of the celebrations we find the people's truth - the antidote to
the offical "truth" that swamps the airways.

Now I would also point out for Thomas that I have never mentioned
Thatcher's dementia.  I am too old to rejoice in any occurrence of
Alzheimer's or vascular dementia.  Besides my own mother had the latter and
it was a cause of terrible grief to all of us.

Now for the Thatcher funeral.  The police state is to be mobilised. I am
not at all surpised by that necessity.



On Wed, Apr 10, 2013 at 6:25 AM, Anthony Hartin <anthony.hartin at desy.de>wrote:

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> > No, you got my point. Personally, I would rather there be a mass
> outpouring of thousands fighting against the bedroom tax and other forms of
> austerity of the "present crisis" don't you?
> Jeez, give people a night off when they've got something to celebrate.
> I don't think the two (dancing/fighting) are counterposed, indeed I expect
> the level of both is related. Dont worry about the Labour Party - they are
> doing a fine job exposing themselves by condemning any bad words about
> Thatcher
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