[Marxism] Student Debt or Freedom?

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Tue Apr 9 14:57:46 MDT 2013

Student Debt or Freedom?
by Manuel García, Jr.

     "You tell me whar a man gits his corn-pone, en I'll tell you what 
his 'pinions is."
     —Mark Twain (from Corn-Pone Opinions, 1901)

(Swans - April 8, 2013)  Alyssa Röhricht's recent article "Drenched in 
Debt" reflects the situation of far too many young people today who are 
heavily burdened with student debt. Like Alyssa, many face a difficult 
choice: to pursue post-graduate higher education (with its promise of a 
future "better life") by assuming significant debt for decades, or to 
bail out into real life with whatever education they've managed to get 
so far.

How does a student make a decision on this question, which they will 
have few regrets about in the long term?

The desire to attend a prestigious university, absorb much information 
through advanced and intense study in the company of expert thinkers, 
researchers, teachers, and of course fellow students, and to then join 
an elite class of intellectuals in a chosen field of expertise and 
practice is both a credit to a student's commitment to scholarship and 
self-improvement, and a potential entrapment into a niche of 
overspecialization where personal values may be constricted.

full: http://www.swans.com/library/art19/mgarci64.html

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