[Marxism] should we let the Iron Lady rust in peace?

Anthony Hartin anthony.hartin at desy.de
Tue Apr 9 23:15:01 MDT 2013

2 snippets revealing why sitting at home and keeping mum are not options,

Our side---------:
"Former miners in Easington, Co Durham, will mark the 20 years since 
their pit closed with a party on the day of her funeral. Alan Cummings, 
chairman of the Durham Miners' Association, said the timing of the 
events was "remarkable" and "one of those quirks", adding: "She couldn't 
be cremated on a better day."

He added: "We are inviting ex-miners and their families to go back over 
their memories of the strike and what has happened since the closure of 
the pit. I couldn't stand her. She had a very patronising manner and I 
could have put my foot through the television whenever I saw her on there.

"We opposed and hated everything she did. She has wrecked thousands and 
thousands of lives so, no, it's not in poor taste. We can understand why 
people are happy and rejoicing that she has gone because they remember 
these communities have never recovered." "

Their side---------:
"Calls for a statue of Lady Thatcher to be erected on the empty fourth 
plinth of Trafalgar Square were criticised by Falklands veteran Simon 
Weston, who warned it could become a target for protests.

Commander John Muxworthy, a Lt Commander on the SS Canberra during the 
Falklands War, said there should be a permanent public memorial, and 
that it should be next to Nelson "to recognise that she was at the heart 
of the nation".

Ukip leader Nigel Farage and Lord Tebbit also said they were in favour. 
Mr Weston said a statue would be "fitting" but he warned of the 
"reaction of the foolhardy". "

In full: 

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