[Marxism] What's new at Links: Thatcher, Castro on Korea, Malaysia socialists, Korea, British left unity, co-ops, Asian women, WSF, Idle No More, Who is Nicolas Maduro?, Kagarlitsky Russia

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What's new at Links: Thatcher, Castro on Korea, Malaysia socialists, 
Korea, British left unity, co-ops, Asian women, WSF, Idle No More, Who 
is Nicolas Maduro?, Kagarlitsky on Russia

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    Death of a ruling class warrior: Margaret Thatcher (1925-2013)

For more on *Thatcher and Thatcherism, click HERE* 
By *Tom Mills*
April 8, 2013 -- Thatcher is dead. But for years she was a shadow of her 
former self. After her fall from power in 1990 she slowly faded away 
from public life and when she did wander back onto the public stage the 
contrast between her frailty and the formidable figure of collective 
memory made these occasional spectacles almost surreal.

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    Fidel Castro: The duty to avoid a war in Korea

    */"Now that [the Democratic People's Republic of Korea] has
    demonstrated its technical and scientific achievements, we remind
    her of her duties to the countries which have been her great
    friends, and it would be unjust to forget that such a war would
    particularly affect more than 70% of the population of the planet."
    /*-- Fidel Castro

  * Read more <http://links.org.au/node/3289>

    Socialist Party of Malaysia's 2013 general election manifesto:
    Enough! Reject 56 years of UMNO-BN <http://links.org.au/node/3291>

April 9, 2013 -- Malaysians soon go to the polls in state and federal 
elections, expected to be held on April 27. The ruling Front National, 
or Barisan Nasional (BN), coalition is dominated by the United Malays 
National Organisation (UMNO), and has traditionally attracted votes from 
the 50% of the population of Malay descent. The coalition has 
controlled  Malaysia's parliament since the country's independence from 
Britain in 1957. The Parti Sosialis  Malaysia (PSM, Socialist Party of 
Malaysia) is also standing in a number of state and federal seats, 
seeking to retain its two sitting MPs and increase its representation of 
the country's working classes and poor. The party's election manifesto 
is below.

  * Read more <http://links.org.au/node/3291>

    Philippines socialists on the Korean crisis: 'Halt all war
    preparations! Stop US provocations and intervention!

By *Partido Lakas ng Masa* (Party of the Labouring Masses), Philippines

  * Read more <http://links.org.au/node/3290>

    Richard Seymour: The British left badly 'needs to change course'

The following are excerpts from a much longer article, "The actuality of 
a successful capitalist offensive", that appeared on *Richard Seymour*'s 
website, /Lenin's Tomb/. Seymour is a leading member of the new IS 
Network, which is one of a number of developments on the British left 
that may encourage progress towards a regroupment of the left.

  * Read more <http://links.org.au/node/3288>

    Mexico: Can worker-owners make a big factory run?

By *Jane Slaughter*
April 3, 2013 -- A tyre is not just a piece of rubber with a hole in it. 
I learned this when I visited the workers' cooperative that makes Cooper 
tyres in El Salto, Mexico. A tyre is a sophisticated product that comes 
about through a chain of chemical processes, lots of machine pounding, 
and still the intervention of human hands.

  * Read more <http://links.org.au/node/3287>

    Statement of the 'Politics and women going together' international
    women's conference, March 25-28, 2013, Kathmandu, Nepal

April 4, 2013 -- This gathering of left women's organisations and 
activists from Afghanistan, Indonesia, Kurdistan, Nepal, Philippines and 
Sweden thanks the Nepalese women's movement, especially the All Nepal 
Women's Association, for hosting this historic event. We have 
participated in three days of intense discussions about the issues 
confronting the struggle for women's rights and gender equality in our 
countries. While we are aware that there are important differences in 
our specific country contexts, nevertheless, we are also united by the 
common problems and challenges that we face.

  * Read more <http://links.org.au/node/3286>

    Canada: National Farmers' Union supports Idle No More

    April 4, 2013 -- This statement in support of the Indigenous protest
    movement Idle No More is published in the Spring 2013 issue of
    /Union Farmer Quarterly/, the official publication of Canada's
    /National Farmers Union/ (NFU), an affiliate of La Via
    Campesina.//The text is taken from John Riddell's site.

  * Read more <http://links.org.au/node/3285>

    Venezuela: Nicolas Maduro, driving the revolution forward

By *Luis Hernández Navarro*, translated by *Ewan Robertson*
March 29, 2013 -- /La Jornada -- /Nicolas Maduro is a robust, burly man, 
1.9 metres tall with a thick black moustache. He drove a metro bus in 
Caracas for seven years, was foreign minister for six more and is now 
interim president and candidate for the country's top office. He is part 
of the a generation of Latin American leaders like metal worker Lula da 
Silva and coco-leaf unionist Evo Morales, who entered politics from the 
trenches of opposition social struggles [translator: in opposition to 
the neoliberal administrations that governed Latin America before the 
continent's "pink tide", which began in the late 1990s].

  * Read more <http://links.org.au/node/3284>

    Declaration of the Social Movements Assembly of the World Social
    Forum, Tunisia 2013 <http://links.org.au/node/3283>

By the *Social Movements Assembly of the World Social Forum,* Tunisia, 2013
March 29, 2013 -- We are gathered here to affirm the fundamental 
contribution of peoples of Maghreb-Mashrek (from North Africa to the 
Middle East), in the construction of human civilisation. We affirm that 
decolonisation for oppressed peoples remains for us, the social 
movements of the world, a challenge of the greatest importance.

  * Read more <http://links.org.au/node/3283>

    Russia: An oligarch's mistake, an oligarch's fate

By *Boris Kagarlitsky*, translated by *Renfrey Clarke*
March 31, 2013 -- After everyone had finished their coffee, and reached 
demonstratively for their brief cases, he overrode the feeble impulses 
of his companions and placed a 50 pound banknote on the table. The 
change arrived in the form of a mountain of coins -- what a disgrace 
that in Britain 1 pound notes have been taken out of circulation, 
forcing people to weigh their pockets down with metal! There were a lot 
of coins, of all denominations. But he sorted them out in a few moments, 
counted out a 15 per cent tip, raked the rest into his pocket, said his 
goodbyes and vanished.

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