[Marxism] Marx's crisis theory

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Wed Apr 10 06:49:15 MDT 2013

If you want to understand how and why, and when and where, capital is
fucking up the countries Louis names (and others, such as China and Egypt,
which I follow more closely), you need a theory of imperialism. And for
that you have to choose among variants (Harvey, Lenin, Luxemburg, Amin,

To help choose, you need as a base a theory of crisis.

Will it make a difference in revolutionary organizing which theories of
imperialism and crisis you choose? Not generally.

Will choosing one of the above theories help you fend off nonmaterialist
concepts such as Graeber's debt obsession (see latest Baffler), or the
SACP's "national democratic revolution" schema, etc.? Without a doubt.

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> On 4/10/13 6:16 AM, james pitman wrote:
>> Aside from Engels's editing, and that is fairly obvious Engels didn't
>> understand Marx's value theory, there's plenty of evidence from Marx that
>> he was less than happy with his own crisis theory. His mathematical
>> manuscripts have lots of correspondence from his last few years that
>> testify to this.
> Just to repeat a point I once made about all this. How does the
> over-accumulation of capital relate to places like Nepal, Bolivia,
> Congo--for that matter where probably more than 60 percent of the world's
> population lives?
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