[Marxism] Market socialism??RE: Marx's crisis theory

Dan Weiner dcwein at dcwein.cnc.net
Wed Apr 10 06:55:18 MDT 2013

Help me understand something:
You mentioned Egypt and China...well as far s China, is it a socialist
I've always been a little weary of these ideas of "market socialism" and it
seems like china is experimenting with so-called market mechanisms along
with, say Vietnam and some others.

I'm not trying to push you in to making any sweeping statements  or
generalizations but the concept always bothered me
The idea of socialism at least from my reading and gut understanding of it
implies a planned economy based on the socialist ownership of the means of
production and worker's control, a market smacks to me of the anarchy of
production which Marx and Engel's so  astutely uncovered, an inevitable
trait of capitalist accumulation.


Dan W.

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