[Marxism] Marx's crisis theory

Angelus Novus fuerdenkommunismus at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 10 09:38:15 MDT 2013

Shane Mage wrote:

> Even Heinrich recognizes that the sections on the Law were from a coherent > manuscript. 

Say what?!

From the article:

"The first two chapters on the “law as such” and the “counteracting factors” closely follow Marx’s argumentation, but the manuscript then flows out into a sea of notes and constantly interrupted thoughts."

And remember, the "two chapters" that Heinrich is referring to here are the chapter divisions that Engels made within the large chapters in the unfinished manuscript (which Engels retitled as "sections" in the book published as "Capital Vol. III").

I'm amazed by how much of an emotional stake a lot of folks seem to have in defending the finality and alleged cohesion of manuscripts that Marx himself regarded as unfinished.  It's one thing when you have nothing to go by other than the official doctrines of the Second and Third Internationals and the handful of published texts available at the time.  It's another thing entirely to refuse to acknowledge the evidence that Marx himself regarded his work as incomplete and insufficient.

Imagine if other sciences functioned this way.  Can you imagine biologists arguing for the completeness and comprehensiveness of Darwin's Origin of Species?

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