[Marxism] Thatcher and "House of Cards"

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Wed Apr 10 09:44:16 MDT 2013

Andy's question is interesting and points to the reality of Thatcher
herself *as a politician* and person: no one liked her. Not really. Not
those who had to work with her. The British House of Cards main character
of *course* agreed with Thatcherism. Most Tories did. It was the way she
carried it out that most distanced themselves from, at least privately,
later more open about it after she was out and became a Tory back bencher.

But the plot of show is all about power, specifically, Francis Urguhard
desire to rule during the period of Thatchers last days and after her
resignation. She stood in his way for 11 years, after all, and there was no
getting rid of her until events in the class struggle, the Poll Tax, among
other issues, forced her out. You never identify with the looser in
bourgeois politics, least of all among the Conservatives in the UK.

As with the Underwood character played by Kevin Spacey in the updated U.S.
version, who is a *Democrat* from S. Carolina (how delicious is that!) it's
not about policy, it is about *power*, specifically the desire of Francis
Underwood and his wife (the best roll EVER by Robin Whright) to become the
First Couple. Of course we all know it's about politics in the real world,
but this wonderful expose of capitalist politics in this show is simply too
good not to suspend one's sense of disbelief...a bit.


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