[Marxism] The State (was re: Marx's crisis theory)

Angelus Novus fuerdenkommunismus at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 10 10:01:19 MDT 2013

Louis wrote:

> How does the over-accumulation of capital relate to places like Nepal, 
> Bolivia, Congo--for that matter where probably more than 60 percent of the > world's population lives? 

Heinrich mentions that Marx regarded his account as fundamentally incomplete without a theoretical account of the world market and the state.  I think the international dimension you mention would have to be dealt with within such a framework.

IMHO, doctrinaire "Marxists" commit two unpardonable errors that Marx himself would have never countenanced:

1) thinking that one can speak of the economy in terms of goods production, while regarded money and finance as epiphenomena of secondary importance (which, ironically, is a cornerstone of neoclassical economics as well!)

2) thinking that the forms of movement of capital analyzed by Marx have some sort of independence from the existence of the state (also another curious replication of neoclassical orthodoxy, which regards "the market" as a force of nature)

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