[Marxism] Thatcher and "House of Cards"

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I think that many traditional, upper class tories resented her for being a lower middle class woman in a job they thought belonged to a man from their own background. But simultaneously they knew this was just the voice they needed to sell politics for the upper class to 35-40 percent of the lower classes (and knowing this made them resent her even more). This, I think, is one of the things that is rather well captured in the Meryl Streep film (which was better than its reputation). Sure, she was also an arsehole of a human being, but that she probably had in common with every other tory leader and most labour ones as well.

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10 apr 2013 kl. 17:44 skrev DW:

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> Andy's question is interesting and points to the reality of Thatcher
> herself *as a politician* and person: no one liked her. Not really. Not
> those who had to work with her. The British House of Cards main character
> of *course* agreed with Thatcherism. Most Tories did. It was the way she
> carried it out that most distanced themselves from, at least privately,
> later more open about it after she was out and became a Tory back bencher.
> But the plot of show is all about power, specifically, Francis Urguhard
> desire to rule during the period of Thatchers last days and after her
> resignation. She stood in his way for 11 years, after all, and there was no
> getting rid of her until events in the class struggle, the Poll Tax, among
> other issues, forced her out. You never identify with the looser in
> bourgeois politics, least of all among the Conservatives in the UK.
> As with the Underwood character played by Kevin Spacey in the updated U.S.
> version, who is a *Democrat* from S. Carolina (how delicious is that!) it's
> not about policy, it is about *power*, specifically the desire of Francis
> Underwood and his wife (the best roll EVER by Robin Whright) to become the
> First Couple. Of course we all know it's about politics in the real world,
> but this wonderful expose of capitalist politics in this show is simply too
> good not to suspend one's sense of disbelief...a bit.
> David
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