[Marxism] Spiked Online peeved at Thatcher death celebrations

Paul Flewers trusscott.foundation at blueyonder.co.uk
Wed Apr 10 11:56:28 MDT 2013

Lou P linked to this awful piece by Spiked writer Brendan O'Neill. If in
the past -- the long lost past, it seems to me these days -- Spiked's
predecessor, the Revolutionary Communist Party, would criticise other
people on the left in order to try and build an effective anti-capitalist
alternative, these days Spiked attacks the left in order merely to
discredit both the left and the very idea of any real alternative to the
rancid neo-liberal, anti-working-class and anti-welfare policies promoted
by all three main parties in Britain.

To be sure, there is in the Thatcher's death celebrations a whiff of
revenge against a shadow, against someone who has long departed the
political scene, yet there is also with them a much stronger sense of anger
against the legacy of the person who symbolised a massive attack upon the
working class and whose right-wing politics are to this day influencing not
merely the Tory party and their Liberal-Democrat facilitators, but also the
leaders of the Labour Party. To cheer Thatcher's passing is also to show
our hatred for those who promote her policies today.

Non-UK list members may not be aware that the Daily Telegraph is a very
right-wing newspaper, and was from the start a staunch backer of Thatcher
and her anti-working-class policies. To attack the left in its pages can
serve no other purpose than to reinforce the paper's perpetual right-wing

Paul F

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