[Marxism] Marx's crisis theory

michael a. lebowitz mlebowit at sfu.ca
Wed Apr 10 15:18:05 MDT 2013

Shane Mage wrote:
'My dissertation has always been readily available but Heinrich, 
Henwood, Angelus et. al remain in willful ignorance of it. Which enables 
them to go on sneering at Marx's Law on the basis of superficial 
statistics or long-discredited criticisms.'
Like Shane, I too am furious at Heinrich's failure to take up /my/ 
contributions to the discussion of Marx's crisis theory and FROP--- such 
as the clear indication that Marx was well aware that FROP depended upon 
the assumption of uneven productivity growth in the 2 departments (cf 
mydiscussion in 'The General and Specific in Marx's Theory of Crisis' in 
/Following Marx/) as well as the implications of Marx's assumption in 
/C//apital /that the standard of necessity was given, an assumption to 
be removed in the Book on Wage Labour (cf my 'Trapped in a Box' in 
/Historical Materialism/ or the discussion in /Beyond CAPITAL/).
     Having said that, I am not so furious that I would not recommend 
Heinrich's book on CAPITAL, recently published by MR, as the best single 
book out there on Capital--- one of the few secondary works I would have 
used in my Marx course before I liberated myself.:-)

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