[Marxism] Need some schooling

Rob Parker birdlives87 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 10 22:51:23 MDT 2013


I apologize for popping up only to make inquiries and not really
contributing to discussion, but I consider myself a sort of amateur
lay-Marxist and I feel that I benefit more from watching the veterans hash
things out until I am able to form some decent analysis myself. That post
Louis made a few weeks back about introductory reading was very helpful, by
the way, as were the additions made by others. The point is, I trust the
people on this list, most of them anyway, to steer me in the right

I wanted some recommendations on literature, articles, and whatnot that
would help me form an argument against someone advocating a kind of small
business utopia. That is, corporations are banned and genuine progressive
competition can flourish amongst various small scale producers which will
lead to true fairness, equality, and liberty. A corporations, not
capitalism, are the problem line.  I would categorize this as some sort of
nostalgic libertarian fantasy, but liberals also seem to go for this sort
of thing, allowing for some state regulation of excesses.

Much appreciated,


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