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The practical answer is that the small businesspeople have never had the
kind of power to reshape society on their own at any point in the past.
Over generations, corporations have grown larger and more powerful, while
the small proprietors respresent a shrinking part of the population with
less and less weight.  And, more importantly, they have had less and less
ability to function independently of corporate power.


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> Greetings,
> I apologize for popping up only to make inquiries and not really
> contributing to discussion, but I consider myself a sort of amateur
> lay-Marxist and I feel that I benefit more from watching the veterans hash
> things out until I am able to form some decent analysis myself. That post
> Louis made a few weeks back about introductory reading was very helpful, by
> the way, as were the additions made by others. The point is, I trust the
> people on this list, most of them anyway, to steer me in the right
> direction.
> I wanted some recommendations on literature, articles, and whatnot that
> would help me form an argument against someone advocating a kind of small
> business utopia. That is, corporations are banned and genuine progressive
> competition can flourish amongst various small scale producers which will
> lead to true fairness, equality, and liberty. A corporations, not
> capitalism, are the problem line.  I would categorize this as some sort of
> nostalgic libertarian fantasy, but liberals also seem to go for this sort
> of thing, allowing for some state regulation of excesses.
> Much appreciated,
> Rob
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