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This Salon article should be read in conjunction with the Kliman critique of
Magdoff-Sweezy-Foster posted to this list earlier today by Ralph Johansen:
ata-from-monthly-review-the-overaccumulation-of-a-surplus-of-errors.html :


"Opponents of the Social Security system have long wanted to dismantle it.
To date, they have completely failed. Nor have they--yet--forced workers to
pay for a greater share of their benefits or slowed down cost-of-living
increases in Social Security payments. And the phased-in rise in the
eligibility age from 65 to 67 pales in comparison with the rise in life
expectancy: the average retiree receives more, not fewer, years of Social
Security income. Moreover, she receives far more of it each year than her
parents and grandparents did, as we have seen. This is a clear sign that
something is seriously wrong with the notion that capital's war against the
working class was smashingly successful in the decades leading up to the
Great Recession.

"Increased Differentiation Within the Working Class

"Magdoff and Foster's treatment of the compensation and income of the
working class fails to give due attention to disparate trends among
different groups of workers. The more one does attend to these disparate
trends, the more the notion that capital's victories in the class war have
led to "labor's declining share" breaks down.

"Consider the strong increase in seniors' income once again. If capital has
become so increasingly powerful, how have seniors managed to achieve such
gains--and hold onto them, even in the midst of the Great Recession and its
aftermath? Is the accelerated class war being waged only against younger

Which of course is why Obama and his Wall Street backers are now turning
their sights on Social Security....

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Ronald Reagan:

"Social Security has nothing to do with the deficit.(it) has nothing to do
with balancing a budget or erasing or growing the deficit."


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