[Marxism] Celebration of death

Manuel Barrera mtomas3 at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 11 09:24:19 MDT 2013

"A demon had died and what is wrong with celebrating the joyous event?"  Vijaya Kumar Marla
Nothing, if  you're a Hindu. Sorry, couldn't help the petulant response. 

More substantially, I'm for whatever gets the masses moving, so, I agree with several folks here that it is indeed better to register disdain, even hatred at the crimes of Thatcher and what she had wrought. She was not the beginning of it nor has it ended with her death. My view is that it only serves the bourgeoisie if ALL that is done is to sing in the streets and register hatred toward their "fallen hero". It certainly prevents "us" from the vigilance and needed energy as imperialism prepares to force the hand of North Korea into war and the all too myriad attacks directed against the working class, from the draconian measures being foisted on the Cypriot workers as the harbinger of the line of attack on the further impoverishment of the (relatively) privileged working classes of the imperialist world to the ongoing drone and terror war being visited throughout the Arab East and Africa. 

What's more, such "celebration" seems awfully "low hanging fruit" for the imperialist media to encourage. What better way to keep our minds off of austerity today by railing against the austerity of yesterday. Coal miners of the U.K. have every right to be angry at what Thatcher did as the Irish people and every section of the working masses, but this "beginning of wisdom" is simply flailing about and contextually misdirecting. You know, the festival of lights in India would be immensely more illuminating if it were conducted in the context of a truly democratic India with no nukes and a historically long dead castes system. Instead, such cultural artifacts are just a reminder to the masses that "we" may not have freedom of body, so, we can content ourselves with the "freedom" of mind.

I get that everybody needs to "let off steam" about Thatcher and the Cameron government as well as the imperialist media's rewriting of history (not to mention Obama's naked sycophancy). I just would hope that this ire will somehow become an impetus for advancing the struggle and not become a "festival of lights".


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