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Manuel Barrera mtomas3 at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 11 10:12:54 MDT 2013

" It a cultural heritage of mankind and as we communists, have to respect that." Vijaya Kumar Marla
Sorry, never have been all that good at respecting macro-cultural heritages; they just have too many conservative notions to them about the entire world. So, no, I don't respect a heritage that constrains a people to delimit themselves according to a narrow view of the world and, especially when it comes to the divisiveness of the world's religions. I do respect that people believe in such mythologies and would never deny a people for having their world views. It doesn't mean I have either to accept the heritage or respect its cultural message. 

More to the point, saying that it's culturally appropriate to celebrate death, so, therefore, the heritage's cultural tradition shows it's ok to celebrate the death of a hated figure, in England no less, just confirms the political correctness of that celebration raises the emotionally spontaneous reaction of the masses to a politically, or culturally, rightful action that I simply am not prepared to support. Why? Does it make you more communist to stamp approval of a celebration based on emotional (no matter how righteous) responses or me less communist for disdaining do so?

I won't think you less communist for adhering to religious traditions if you won't denigrate my communism for refusing to do so. 		 	   		  

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