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Hi Andy, the PTS has actually influenced Zanon even  before the factory was
put under workers' control a decade ago.

Moreover, Raul Godoy, a Zanon Worker and a PTS national leader, took the
seat of the Workers’ Left Front in the Neuquén Legislature in last


Raúl Godoy, the first Trotskyist Deputy in the history of Neuquén, has
taken office

Monday 17 December 2012

Friday, December 14, 2012



(December 14, 2012) Yesterday afternoon, Raúl Godoy, a Zanon worker and a
national leader of the Partido de los Trabajadores Socialistas (PTS), took
the seat of the Workers’ Left Front in the Neuquén Legislature. Godoy is
the second in the Deputies’ rotation of the forces that make up the Left
Front (Agrupación Marrón, PTS, Partido Obrero and Izquierda Socialista),
and he will replace the outgoing Deputy Alejandro López, a Zanon worker and
a member of the ceramics workers’ Agrupación Marrón, who had resigned the
seat the day before. Christian Castillo, from the national leadership of
the PTS and a leader of the Left Front, travelled specially to Neuquén to
support Godoy as he takes his seat in the legislature.

To the chant of “All those Deputies belong to the capitalists, but our
Deputies are workers and socialists,” and other chants in support of the
struggle of Zanon and the Ceramics Workers Union, a large group of
supporters, composed of male and female ceramics workers, workers in
education and health care, paper manufacturing workers, casino workers,
high school and university students, filled up the legislative gallery to
accompany Godoy while he was taking the oath.

The brand-new FIT Deputy took the oath for “the international working class
and its martyrs, for the oppressed peoples of the world and for the memory
of the 30,000 who disappeared,” provoking the applause of those present in
a very emotional and also militant climate.

After the oath, a recess took place, during which a small ceremony was
improvised in the hall of the Legislature, with Raúl Godoy, Alejandro López
and Christian Castillo speaking.

Raúl Godoy expressed himself by saying that “this afternoon, it is my turn,
as a new Provincial Deputy of the Left Front, and, as a Zanon worker and a
member of the PTS, to take office; I am going to continue with the line of
work that Alejandro began. This legislative seat is put at the service of
the struggles of the workers and groups of the poor, and also in order to
wage the fight on the political terrain for an alternative that belongs to
the workers. Because this way, as in our workplaces we fight for unions
without bureaucrats, we are also fighting for a party of workers without
bosses, for the full political independence of the workers.”

For his part, Alejandro López emphasized the respect won because of the
legislative seat of the FIT, based on the struggle of the Ceramics Workers
Union and all the workers that see in the seat a model and a tool of
struggle, and he pointed out that “we are making an assessment that is more
than positive. We have come here in the Legislature to wage the class
struggle; the legislative seat has been put at the service of the struggle
of all the workers. Our coherence as workers was shown, because, as we said
before taking office, we earn the same as we did in the factory, and we
donate the rest of the money to strike funds, and we help a great many
comrades that are fighting against exploitation, or with social needs. A
year has passed, and we are rotating, as we also said when we were leaders
of the union, and we returned to the machine after fulfilling our term in

Finally, Christian Castillo emphasized the regional and national importance
of the fact that a workers’ representative exists, who wages the fight in
the Legislature against the political representatives of the capitalist
class. Likewise, he indicated that this is about an “unprecedented act,
which is the rotation of the workers’ legislative seat of the Left Front,
that contrasts with all those politicians with salaries in the millions,
that cling to their positions. This legislative seat won by the Left Front
has not only had a big effect and raised expectations in Neuquén, but it is
a model nationally. For us, from the PTS, it is a source of pride that our
comrade Raúl Godoy, the first Trotskyist Deputy in Neuquén, is taking
office today, just as it was a year ago, when Alejandro López, the first
workers’ deputy of the province, did the same.”

>From the PTS, we have struggled with all our strength to win positions in
key industrial and service sectors, among the most exploited and oppressed
groups of young people and working women, towards the construction of a
fighting revolutionary party. We are putting the legislative seat taken by
Godoy yesterday at the service of that perspective.

*The impact in some of the media:*

La Mañana Neuquén (December 14, 2012): Godoy now occupies the “workers’
legislative seat”

Diario Río Negro (December 14, 2012): The Deputies cleared the way for the
Quiroga bonds (except for Godoy, in his first vote)

Diario Río Negro (December 13, 2012): Raúl Godoy will take the oath today
as a Deputy of the FIT

Página/12 (December 13, 2012): Zanon at the hands of the workers

Diariamente Neuquén (December 13, 2012): The factory in the Legislature

La Mañana Neuquén (December 12, 2012): Another ceramics worker takes office
in the Legislature

8300 web (December 11, 2012): The former Vice Presidential candidate of the
FIT will accompany Raúl Godoy’s taking office

With 90% participation in the elections, the leadership of the ceramics
workers’ Union of Neuquen has been renewed

by : PTS, Argentina
Thursday 27 September 2012

*The Lista Marrón prevailed with an overwhelming 71% of the votes, compared
to the Lista Gris.*

Since 4:00 in the morning, we ceramics workers have taken another essential
step in our history. We have put into practice another "revolutionary"
aspect of our class-conscious statute: the freedom of tendencies and the
representative character of tendencies in the Steering Committee. In an
unprecedented act in a manufacturing and industrial union organization,
minorities are able to form part of the leadership with 27.8% of the votes.

We are proud of being able to show the workers and the people our absolute
confidence in our working class and its methods. This was so from the
beginning of our struggle. For that reason, from the Lista Marrón
(independents and the PTS), we carried out a big battle so that all the
tendencies would enter our Workers’ Administration, freed from bosses and
bureaucrats. We made a bet on filling our assemblies with positions and
"with colors," and so it turned out.

The step we have taken today is as important as the previous ones, like the
recovery of the Shop Stewards’ Committee, of the Union, the seizure of
Zanon, Del Valle and Stefani, the defense of the conquests in Neuquén
Ceramics. The ceramics workers’ union comes out strengthened and with
renewed militancy, in an election with extremely high participation, to
continue contributing its efforts to our class.

Omar Villablanca (General Secretary, SOECN) 0299 – 154721962

Andrés Blanco (Assistant Secretary, SOECN) 0299 – 155226569

2013/4/11 Andrew Pollack <acpollack2 at gmail.com>

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> A couple comrades in this thread have mentioned the Zanon factory and PTS
> influence in that struggle.
> I was very glad to hear that, because up to this point the only mention of
> Zanon I remember has been in Marina Sitrin's articles and books. I did a
> quick google to confirm that, and will check her books tonight, but my
> recollection seems correct, i.e. that she claims Zanon as alleged proof of
> her own ideology: i.e. anarchist horizontalism/don't take power/ban
> parties.
> She is a consistent red-baiter, blaming any failures of the workers' and
> neighborhood assemblies on party interventions.
> However these days that approach gets her regularly invited to speak and
> publish.
> I wouldn't be surprised if one or another party had intervened in a
> fucked-up way, but she's against ANY party playing a role.
> Andy P.
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